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Aaron James Collector’s Edition celebrates this lustful Jet Set Men Exclusive’s meteoric porn career, with 7 of his hottest scenes from films and 2 Bonus Scenes shot for “jet Set Live” – a total of 9 sizzling performances. Aaron flashed onto the scene, first performing live on the web, and then shooting film after film – ON FIRE!, HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB, ASS CRUISIN’, and JOCK TEASE. With blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a muscular V-shaped torso, AJ – as he was frequently called – looked like a charismatic “boy next door”, but was also a wild and enthusiastic sex performer. He said he preferred to top, but he was never averse to using his perfect ass to bottom. It’s no wonder that MTV picked him for their “True Life” series or Tyra Banks for an episode of her show. At the 2009 GayVN Awards, Aaron was nominated as “Best Actor”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Web Performer” and “Performer of the Year”.


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With blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and muscular V shaped body there’s no question why MTV picked AJ for their True Life Series. Aaron James also appeared …

With blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and muscular V shaped body there’s no question why MTV picked AJ for their True Life Series. Aaron James also appeared on an episode of the Tyra Banks show and he was nominated Best Actor, Best Newcomer, Best Web Performer and Performer of the Year at the 2009 GayVN Awards! Aaron James is a relative newcomer on the porn scene. Occupying a niche in the pay-for-gay genre, James, also known as Ajay, has been making films in the adult entertainment business since 2007 around the age of 23. Though James has achieved success and fame in his field, he has also experienced challenges regarding his professional choices. Aaron James is a young white male who grew up poor in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, in a fairly conservative environment. Most of his friends were rich, which, as one might reflect, gave him the sense that he was “always on the outside looking in” on the haves when he was one of the have-nots. At the age of 19 while working in a strip club serving drinks, James was asked to serve with his top off. Afterwards, he soon began receiving offers to do porn. And finding out how profitable such an opportunity could be was an even greater lure for this young man who wanted some of the finer things in life.

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Career Aaron James is a young sex worker who self-identifies as heterosexual but who is paid to act or perform as homosexual professionally. In that dichotomy he has supporters and detractors. But it is mainly the detractors who cause him to doubt his choice, even though he’s convinced of his identity. James’ principal concern is what his family thinks about his choice to become a porn star. As he indicates, life in porn can be lonely, especially when one is hiding in plain sight from friends and family. Aaron James’ career is currently on an upward trajectory. Gay-for-pay is an extremely lucrative niche in the adult industry, paying even more than straight sex. Having negotiated at least two exclusive contracts, James boasts that he works only eight days a month and gets paid more than anyone he knows. In a 2008 episode of MTV’s True Life, James emphatically stated that he was in his job strictly for the money. Under contact with Jet Set Men and CollegeDudes247.com, James has banged out nearly a dozen hot film titles in less than a decade.

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A very busy performer, Aaron James has produced a number of films, and his work appears in several collector’s editions, including a couple of self-titled films, Aaron James Collector’s Edition and Ass Cruisin’ with Aaron James. Some of his other films include: College Dudes 247 2, Hollywood Sex Club, and Jock Tease. In this business a hot young bottom with smooth, taut features, brown-eyed, brown-haired Aaron James has all the earmarks for the gay-for-pay trade. His features and body type can fit most scenarios in the trade, including twink, muscle-man and jock. He appeals to both the older and younger toppers in gay films. It is this scenario that causes James and other STR-8 performers to experience anguish over their decision to perform gay-for-pay scenes. To some, the act of being the bottom in the intercourse experience with another man indicates that one is gay. When performers like James deny being gay, their detractors find hypocrisy. In the adult entertainment business sometimes controversy can be counter-productive, especially when it comes to sales. Conflicted audiences and equally conflicted performers may not bode well for the industry.

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In addition to filming James spends time traveling and doing promotional tours to for his studios. He makes appearances to gay strip clubs, where he may or may not perform sex acts in public. Also he makes personal appearances at adult entertainment expos and porn conventions. At these venues, he often interacts with the public as he presents a live face to an adoring fan base. In the case of Aaron James, only time will tell whether he and his fame can weather the storm of public opinion on his “gayness.” Whether he is gay or not, as long as his performances are on par with what audiences expect, he should remain a bankable commodity in this business. Or will this opportunity-seeker parlay his on-screen success into classroom success in the form of a law degree? At least for now Aaron James’s porn career is certainly turning out to be a lesson in life!

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