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Watch AARON JAMES in Action Online!

Aaron James Collector’s Edition celebrates this lustful Jet Set Men Exclusive’s meteoric porn career, with 7 of his hottest scenes from films and 2 Bonus Scenes shot for “jet Set Live” – a total of 9 sizzling performances. Aaron flashed onto the scene, first performing live on the web, and then shooting film after film – ON FIRE!, HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB, ASS CRUISIN’, and JOCK TEASE. With blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a muscular V-shaped torso, AJ – as he was frequently called – looked like a charismatic “boy next door”, but was also a wild and enthusiastic sex performer. He said he preferred to top, but he was never averse to using his perfect ass to bottom. It’s no wonder that MTV picked him for their “True Life” series or Tyra Banks for an episode of her show. At the 2009 GayVN Awards, Aaron was nominated as “Best Actor”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Web Performer” and “Performer of the Year”.


IMG_0070 copy

With blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and muscular V shaped body there’s no question why MTV picked AJ for their True Life Series. Aaron James also appeared …

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Sebastian Young is the Ultimate Bad Boy of Gay Porn!

When Sebastian Young first arrived in California, Jet Set signed him immediately. It was instantly apparent that this tattooed young hunk had a great look, a bad-boy attitude and incredible physical assets — a big, thick dick and a buff body with a hot ass.  Described by some as a bit of a bad boy with a past, Sebastian claims to be straight off camera and mostly tops in his films. This raven haired hottie has an inked up bad boy allure that leaves you wanting more. We listed him as a TOP because that’s what you will always see him doing unless you check out Big Dick Society where he willingly gives up his big muscle ass to top man Trevor Knight on top of a pool table!



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5 Things to LOVE about Landon Mycles

Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles has made a big name for himself in gay porn.    Landon started out in the biz as a smoking hot “top only ” blond boy named Marcus Mojo, a name he came up with as a joke while making movies with his best friend Dylan Roberts who named himself Dylan McLovin after the character in SuperBad.  Landon came to Jet Set Men where he lost his anal virginity on screen to Jet Set Exclusive Hayden Stephens in the movie CarJackers.      According to Landon that scene was the first time a dick ever when up his sweet ass and if you haven’t seen it then you’re really missing out!   The moans and faces Landon makes alone are enough to get you off without seeing Hayden’s near perfect rock hard 8″ dick going up Landon’s ass.   After the jump read our list of the 5 things we love about Landon Mycles.



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Brett Summers is America’s Next Hot Bottom

The show gets underway and the five contestants competing for the title of America’s Next Hot Bottom each put on a speedo and show off their ASS-ets on the runway for the judges.  After the competition the guys talk about their experience in the show.   Jet Set Exclusive Brett Summers reveals that he thinks judge Connor Kline, the Cycle 1 Winner, was too harsh on the guys and was an asshole.

Brett confesses that Connor’s cocky attitude is what really turns him on and he reveals his innermost fantasy of what he would do where he alone with Connor in the studio.  Brett starts off sucking every inch of Connor’s big thick cock.  Connor returns the favor then quickly puts the tall blond stud flat on his back with his legs in the air so he can dive his tongue deep into his hot blond asshole.   After a good tongue fucking Connor shoves his massive cock up Brett’s perfectly shaped round muscle ass giving the blond stud the fantasy he wants.   Connor flips Brett over and pile drives him, then stands him up and fucks him and then flips him over on his back and both studs blow their hot creamy all-American loads.  That’s one hell of a fantasy!

IMG_3944 IMG_3952

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