Watch AARON JAMES in Action Online!

Aaron James Collector’s Edition celebrates this lustful Jet Set Men Exclusive’s meteoric porn career, with 7 of his hottest scenes from films and 2 Bonus Scenes shot for “jet Set Live” – a total of 9 sizzling performances. Aaron flashed onto the scene, first performing live on the web, and then shooting film after film – ON FIRE!, HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB, ASS CRUISIN’, and JOCK TEASE. With blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a muscular V-shaped torso, AJ – as he was frequently called – looked like a charismatic “boy next door”, but was also a wild and enthusiastic sex performer. He said he preferred to top, but he was never averse to using his perfect ass to bottom. It’s no wonder that MTV picked him for their “True Life” series or Tyra Banks for an episode of her show. At the 2009 GayVN Awards, Aaron was nominated as “Best Actor”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Web Performer” and “Performer of the Year”.


IMG_0070 copy

With blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and muscular V shaped body there’s no question why MTV picked AJ for their True Life Series. Aaron James also appeared …

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Get ready to SLIDE your pants down and whip your dick out!

Located in an exotic, lushly landscaped pool setting, SLIDE, the new Chris Steele Film for Jet Set Men, moves seamlessly from one hot erotic sex scene to the next. There are many secluded, tree shaded areas that provide the 11 hot, muscular, well-hung specimens of manhood private places for their sizzling sexual adventures. Each one of the four scenes takes place in a different area, in a little world of its own. Jet Set Exclusives Dylan Wood, David Dakota, Derec Stone and Marcus Steele, along with seven other hunks, get into it with each other in one hot duo, two sizzling 3-ways and a wild 4-person orgy. And, oh yes, there is a real water slide.


The first two down the chute and into the pool are sensational newcomer Derec Stone and handsome David Dakota. Climbing out of the water, Derec stands …

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Big Dick Society II: DICKTIMIZED Starring Marcus Steele and 10 Hung Studs

Eleven super-hung men converge on Trevor Knight’s hot new sex club in BIG DICK SOCIETY II: DICKTIMIZED.  In one continuous, extravagant orgy of big dick worship, the eleven men have extremely hot sex – as a group and then in two duos, a threesome and even a four-way gangbang.  In last season’s BIG DICK SOCIETY, also directed by Chris Steele, the extremely well-hung porn star Trevor Knight went online and invited any like-endowed young men to join him for a sex party at his house, for what he called “a meeting of the Big Dick Society”. He set up his invention, the “Size-O-Matic,” in his patio door. Men lined up, pushed their erect dicks through a hole, and were accepted or rejected based on size. The evening was such a success, that Trevor decided to go commercial.


In BIG DICK SOCIETY II: DICKTIMIZED, he and his friend Cort Donovan create a sex club behind a video storefront for well-hung guys …

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Watch To Fuck a Predator Gangbang

Jet Set Men, the studio that brought you “Pizza Boy Gangbang” and “Police Academy Gangbang” brings even more new hot fuckers into the world of gangbangs with “To Fuck a Predator Gangbang.”

The trap has been re-set and this time they snare 5 Internet Sex Predators who all show up at the predator house expecting to fuck a hot girl only to discover the only way they’re all getting out of the house is to take a hard cock up the ass!

8 Hot Men blow a whopping 17 loads in one hot gangbang!  Starring Spencer Reed, Hunter Vance, Bryce Star, Andrew Blue, Evan Mercy, Chris Tyler, Randy Star and Cole Brooks.


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