Jet Set's Latest Gangbang Starring Dylan Roberts and Josh Logan Wraps

Jet Set Men just completed production on our latest HD movie titled "Police Academy Gangbang" filmed on location in North Hollywood, California directed by Chris Steele.

Jet Set Exclusive Dylan Roberts plays a bold cadet from neighboring Clearwater County Academy who is always in pursuit of hard cock. Cadet Roberts pays a visit to rival Baker Police Academy just in time to be mistaken for one of their most notorious campus fitness instructors.

While the faculty of the Academy is preoccupied with other problems Cadet Roberts seizes the perfect opportunity to get his rival cadets naked, hard and sucking each others cocks because, after all, Chief Josh Logan told them to follow each and every order given by the instructor.

Just as the cadets are blowing their loads the Chief walks back in the classroom and all hell breaks loose. Chief Logan berates Cadet Roberts telling him that his cadets are not to be made into a joke and that Roberts will have to learn how things are really done in Baker County. When the tables turn Cadet Roberts discovers that the only way he is going to make it out is to lay back, spread his butt cheeks and take on every hard cock in the room.


  • Back by Popular Demand: Jason Adonis illustrates the rules of authority for Jet Set Exclusive Marcus Steele.

  • Reality Star Steven Daigle of Big Brother appears as the Cadet who studies hard and takes it hard in the Police Academy.

  • Newly signed Jet Set Exclusive Andrew Blue shows off how he loves topping and bottoming in his movies.

  • The full cast of "Police Academy Gangbang" is: Josh Logan, Marcus Steele, Jason Adonis, Topher DiMaggio, Landon Mycles, Steven Daigle, Davin James, Brandon Bangs, Andrew Blue and Dylan Roberts.

  • Overall there are 18 cumshots in 3 full sex scenes including a 6 on 1 gangbang with Dylan Roberts taking every dick in the room.

    Look for POLICE ACADEMY GANGBANG to hit the streets later this summer.

    Top Row L-R: Andrew Blue, Jason Adonis, Josh Logan, Topher DiMaggio, Steven Daigle
    Front Row L-R: Brandon Bangs, Davin James, Dylan Roberts, Marcus Steele, Landon Mycles