A-List Cast Includes Mark Dalton, Brent Corrigan, Jesse Santana, Diesel Washington, Landon Mycles & Casey Monroe as LEVI with a Special Appearance by Lisa Ann, star of NAILIN' PAYLIN

North Hollywood, CA—Jet Set Men last week wrapped principal photography on Getting Levi’s Johnson, its parody of current events featuring a character named Levi who’s trying to avoid posing nude despite many lucrative competing offers and the mayhem that results when he’s tempted over and over again.

The production wrap up in Los Angeles came the day before the real Levi Johnston, appearing on The Joy Behar Show on HLN (formerly CNN Headline News), was stunned to learn that a gay porn parody of his life had been filmed. Behar asked if he was aware of the Jet Set movie, to which Johnston responded: “Okaaaaaaaay.” He paused and then told Behar “I guess they’re going to do what they’re going to do.”


Premiering in March, the XXX film Getting Levi’s Johnson stars relative newcomer Casey Monroe, who bears a striking resemblance to Johnston. The movie also stars Diesel Washington, Jesse Santana, and Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles, along with the inimitable Brent Corrigan and Mark Dalton. To top it off, ‘Getting Levi’ includes a very special (though non-sexual) appearance by porn actress Lisa Ann, who starred in Hustler’s Who's Nailin’ Paylin?

The movie was directed by Jet Set head honcho Chris Steele.

“This movie is a ripped-from-the headlines parody that brings gay porn lovers’ fantasies about Levi Johnston to life,” says Jet Set Chief and AVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Steele.

But, according to Steele, “Telling the story of what could have happened required recreating some events that DID happen, but with a hot sexual twist. So in the movie, our Levi does a photo shoot on the ledge of a Manhattan building, but then has sex with a hot young underwear model played by ever-sexy Brent Corrigan.”

The idea for the movie had been germinating for some time. “We knew we wanted to do a Levi parody. We even came up with the title, which we thought was catchy. All that was left was to find a lead actor who looked like Johnston, a task we thought would be very difficult.”

Enter Casey Monroe.

Monroe was featured in Chris Steele’s upcoming DVD “Pizza Boy Gangbang”, which was filmed in October. “When we saw Casey’s stills from the movie, he coincidently posed just like the real Levi did for Playgirl. Side-by-side, it was hard to tell the two apart. We knew then we’d found our Levi!”

The re-creation of recent events required painstaking set building, including a 10 foot high building wall and ledge, surrounded by two massive photographs of the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, and some inventive costume touches that help re-create a real television commercial currently airing that features Levi Johnston.

Steele notes that “all of these production values will put a shiny gloss on a fun, sexy comedy about the ups and downs of a hot looking, instantly famous young guy who inadvertently becomes a gay sex object and then has to deal with the result.”

Jet Set is expected to release Getting Levi’s Johnson on both DVD and Download 2 Own on in March. Coincidentally, Playgirl Magazine will return to the newsstands around the same time, featuring semi-nude photos of Levi Johnston himself, who is also reportedly working on a tell-all book from the 2008 campaign.

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