Born-Again Virgin Dean Phoenix Pops His Bottom Cherry For The Second Time

By Brian O'Brien, Fleshbot

This porn stalwart has worked with all sorts of companies, done all the magazines, and broken millions of hearts, but this is only the second time he's bottomed on film—and the first was five years ago!

We don't know how Jet Set managed to do it, but they have the footage with Hayden Stephens (known to some as Seth Sweet) giving it to Phoenix as well as he has given it to countless bottoms over the years.

It's currently up on their Straight Edge site and will make its way to DVD shortly. The first time he took it in the tuckus was way back in 2004 for the Buckshot classic (and one of our top films of the decade) "Buckleroos." We've seen Phoenix so many times since then we can't believe that he's never been on bottom, but we've always enjoyed him so much that we guess it doesn't make much of a difference.

But this is an historic event. It's like the Ass Olympics of Hailey's Hairy Comet or some shit. Well, we're giving him a gold medal and getting out a telescope! Thanks, Dean!