Ass and Ladders

ASS and LADDERS? “What’s that,” you ask? A grown-up version of the old game Chutes and Ladders? Well, maybe. A bit. At least, it is a grown-up game at the house construction site where an especially hot & hung Josh Logan is the top boss. But the “chutes” in this case are the asses of the sexy guys who work for Josh, and the many ladders are his special fetish. He loves to suck and fuck on them with his co-workers. You can’t just pound nails and screw screws all day. ASS and LADDERS, the new DVD that John Bruno directed for Jet Set Jocks, stars three Jet Set Exclusives: sexy porn stars Andrew Blue, Landon Mycles and of course, the driving force Josh Logan. They are featured with seven other sensationally sexy guys. In five steamy encounters, the ten men demonstrate their sexual prowess and the many uses for a ladder.


Before the scene begins, house construction site boss Josh Logan praises the use of ladders, of course to work on, but especially to fuck on. The aptly named Girth Brooks is discovered sitting atop a ladder, observing Drake Jaden, a hot ba ...


Before this scene begins, Josh points out that ladders are also convenient for cock sucking. Co-workers Andrew Blue and Topher DiMaggio come on to each other. At Topher’s encouragement, Andrew climbs one of the ladders and Topher pulls hi ...


Josh suggests before this scene that ladders are best of all for fucking. In the opening shot Rod Daily and Landon Mycles are discovered standing on lower rungs of two different ladders with their pant’s pushed down, their shirts off and s ...


Before we meet Parker London, Josh says that watching these butts at face level makes his mouth water and his cock hard. He’s not alone on that one. Dark-haired Parker is working by himself in a room. His hands roam his clothed body, as th ...


Before this final scene, Josh confesses that he totally gets off on bossing guys around, telling them what to do. And suddenly, there is one of his workers there to prove it. He’s younger and slighter than Josh, but nearly as well-hung. A ...


Josh Logan, the boss of a house construction site, offers narration throughout and his take on ladders and their uses. Every room in the house has two or three of them, erect and open, just waiting for his hot workers to utilize them. “There’s two things I like about ladders,” he says, “I like to work on them, and I like to fuck on them.” The guys on display in the first scene are the wildly well-hung, aptly named Girth Brooks, who sits atop a ladder eying his co-worker, and the bald, tattooed and pierced Drake Jaden who’s busy down on the floor, his ass available for Girth to admire. “Come up and take a break with me. Suck my dick,” Girth tells him, and he jumps at the chance. He seems to know from experience what Girth has got stuffed in those jeans. Clothes come off a piece at a time, as Drake gives him a long appreciative blowjob. They eventually both want to fuck, so they climb down. They go at it first standing and then lying on the floor, cumming in that latter position. Before the next scene, Josh reminds the viewer that ladders are also good for sucking, noting that a big erection on a guy standing slightly off the ground is at just the right height for going down on. Tony Falco, showing off his muscular body to Topher DiMaggio, crawls up a ladder and his friend pulls his pants down. Tony works his hot ass for Topher and spreads it wide. Still up on the rungs, he turns around so Topher can easily go down on him. Shirts come off, and after a long blowjob session, it’s Tony’s turn to drop to his knees and suck on Topher. Eventually Topher wants to fuck, so Tony stands and grabs onto a nearby ladder, so that his friend can slip his big dick in his ass and pound it. Eventually, they move over to a platform ladder, so Tony can sit on Topher’s dick and ram it up his ass. After they finish off, Josh is back to tell the viewer that ladders are really best for fucking. The third scene starts off with Rod Daily and Landon Mycles standing a rung up on separate ladders with their backs against them. They both have hard-ons and are already stroking them, first their own and then each other’s, when Andrew Blue appears on the scene. He’s been spying on them, but who cares? Certainly not them. Quickly joining in, the scene turns into a hot cock-sucking session that soon turns into a fuckfest, with Landon being the eager butt-boy for both of the other studs. Rod wants Andrew to fuck him too, so Landon turns to whacking off and sucking Rod’s nipples, as Andrew pounds his dick up into Rod’s ass. And evetually, they all shoot their loads. Josh interjects again, “Watching those butts at face level makes my mouth water and my cock hard.” He’s not alone in that. There’s no one around in the room where Parker London is working, so he takes matters into his own hands. Slowly, he works himself out of his clothes, as he strokes his dick. It takes a while and some heavy jacking in a number of positions to get his dick ready to blast off. Finally, he takes advantage of a tall ladder to sit high atop it and shoot his load off into space. Before the last scene, Josh confesses that he really gets off on being a construction boss and telling people what to do, a passion he carries right into his sexual encounters. In this final scene, he goes for Jayden Grey, a younger and smaller, though no less hot and horny co-worker. Jaden obeys his boss’s every command and is soon sucking on Josh’s incredibly large, thick dick. After following some further instructions and rimming Josh’s ass, Jayden finds himself gripping onto a ladder, so that Josh can wedge his dick up his butt and fuck him. Josh is naked, but it takes Jayden lying on his back with his legs spread wide for him to finally strip bare. To end the film, they have fun as they fuck their brains out, and then jack off and cum.


Director: John Bruno
Studio: Jet Set Jocks
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010
Running Time: 120 mins
Editor: Tony Biscotti
Camera: Anthony Duran

DVD Special Features

16:9 Wide Screen
XXX Trailers
Cum Shot Review
Sex Scene Selection